intent set

by Eliezer Kaplan



ek telecaster and efx
rec dec 17, 2016

'intent set'


the first part is 3 frameworks i.e. guided improvisations.

'parched, takeh' is the fusion of 2 earlier frameworks - 'hairy potch' (ie harry partch - see '3 bits' e-cd) and 'taka'. these are all pieces that involve drumsticks on guitar strings.

'loops and improvs' is self explanatory.

'fate' is marked by the style of strumming which occurs in some of the piece and is supposed to be .... fateful. there's another version of this on the e-cd of the same name.

the 2'nd part is a medley of four tunes.

'adon olamim' is an adon olam tune which was written for and rejected by mi yodea (from back in the day when i'd care to write an adon olam tune). there's an earlier spacier guitar version on the e-cd 'brucolac'. when i adapted this tune to the guitar i changed its name but really it's the same tune.

'dam dam ali ali' is a nusrat fateh ali khan cover -i'm guessing it's a traditional qawwali.

'cw' is a new-ish tune i wrote on guitar. it's also on the 'fate' e-cd. there's an element of ooioo tribute to this and it openly borrows from one of their tunes - openly to me ... anyways. (please don't sue me yoshimi! wherever you are.)

'plankton' is from the atomic theory dance band songbook.


released December 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Eliezer Kaplan Chicago, Illinois

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